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Tracts are a simple way for you to share the gospel. They are non-evasive and allow the reader to examine the information at their own pace and in the privacy they may require. If you do not have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and would like to share the gospel with those you love ("love thy neighbor"), then a tract is an excellent tool to accomplish this purpose. Here are some tracts for you to use to share the gospel. Feel free to download and print as many as you like.

Please remember, when distributing tracts, to be respectful of others. Do not distribute tracts where you are prohibited from doing so. In the event you present a tract to your neighbor, an excellent method of doing so would be as follows:
  1. Make certain the tract is visible. Men may want to have a tract in their shirt pocket with the title exposed. Women may want to have one in a purse pocket.
  2. When presenting the tract, you may want to hold the tract in front of the person you are giving it to and saying something like this; "Would you like some information from the Bible?" This will allow the individual to make a decision. The decision is to accept the tract or not. In the case of the tract entitled, "Salvation is of the Lord", for example, the individual mentally is reading the actual scripture. (Remember, this simple act alone is sharing the gospel. A child of God will respond to the gospel. On the other hand, an unsaved person would not be attracted to the tract because they have read the scripture. Do not be discouraged. The Lord knows who are His. Your job is finished.
If an individual has questions after they read the tract, you can point them to our website for more information.

Here are some tracts you may be interested in:

Salvation is of the Lord (Legal Size Paper)

The Christian and the Church Today

Come Out of Her, My People

God's First Principles

Has God Saved You?

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